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Use mini trampoline rebounder support bars while developing confidence and balance


Support bars attach to all 40 inch rebounders in the Original Trimilin mini trampoline range for UK Australia and NZ

UK quality rebounders for mini trampoline workouts we provide the best quality mini trampoline rebounders. Quality rebounders are important for mini trampoline exercise workouts with Starbound mini trampoline video and rebounding exercise books- Best prices on  mini trampoline rebounders with Starbound rebounding DVDs and mini trampoline books  of rebounding exercises.  USA for Needak folding rebounders, New Zealand Lymphaciser rebounders NZ, Original Trimilin rebounders including  RH48 and R36 spring Pro PLu and Med PLus rainbow rebounders in Australia, trimilin mini trampolines for UK rebounders




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Stress impact on the joints is minimized with the pro and med rebounders

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Purchase UK Starbound rebounding DVD video and book for mini trampoline exercises


Starbounds mini trampoline rebounder range is the best in the UK at the best prices packaged with Starbound Workout mini trampoline DVD volumes, book and the Starbound rebounder workout books


Always settle your posture at the beginning of mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts


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The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller with Starbound Workout rebounder DVDs. We provide the worlds leading range of mini trampolines, quality rebounders for mini trampoline exercise with Starbounds mini trampoline video and rebounding exercise books-Fantastic prices on  mini trampoline rebounders with Starbound rebounding videos and mini trampoline books  of rebounding exercises. Delivery direct from manufacturers in USA for Needak folding rebounders, New Zealand Lymphaciser rebounders NZ, RH48 Body Energiser rebounders in Australia, trimilin mini trampolines for UK rebounders The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts  Starbound provides the best rebounder mini trampolines for rebounding exercise around the world   Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and videoMini trampoline rebounder support bars, also known as stability bars, help you develop balance and confidence with rebounder exercise workouts.


We lose skills of balance and co-ordination over a period of time, if we don't utilize them. Most people are surprised at how quickly their skills improve when rebounding on mini trampolines, both physically and in terms of confidence.





Best quality TRIMILIN mini trampoline rebounders are IDEAL if you want to reap the benefits of rebounding exercise workouts



UK mini Trampoline rebounders support bars for original trimilin and vario rainbow rebounders

Starbound Workout best selling DVD and books provide mini trampoline workouts and effective rebounding workout plans to help you reach your goals on mini trampoline rebounders

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The rebounding support bar has a handgrip with adjustable height and easy assemblage.Helpful to attach to  rebounders when recovering from injury or surgery Ideal for the elderly or anyone lacking confidence with balance,




The Importance of stable POSTURE

when you are rebounding on mini trampolines


Rebounder exercise Support Bars are ideal for gentle rebounding exercises, performed  either facing the rebounder support bar, or rebounding side on. The rebounding support bar features a handgrip with adjustable height and easy assemblage.




It isn't unusual when performing rebounding exercises for the first time, to feel unsteady on your feet.


Most people feel slightly unsure regarding balance with rebounding workouts at first. This is perfectly normal -  remind yourself not to panic! Simply attach the support bar to the rebounders legs, and your confidence will return! When practising rebounding exercise on mini trampolines many skills are brought into play which may not have been used for many years if you have been relatively inactive.


I often notice that if a client lacks confidence with their balance, when rebounding, especially at first, they have a tendency to compromise by adjusting posture.


The essential foundation for performing all rebounding exercises correctly, lies in setting a stable postural stance.


All rebounding skills and rebounding workouts evolve from this central core. Throughout your rebounder exercise workouts keep a focus on posture. Align your pelvic & pubic bones on the same level in the same plane


Focus on keeping the pelvic and the pubic bone on the same level, in the same plane. Check toes are aligned in front, the knees are soft and not locked out, and the shoulders relaxed.


Lift up through the rib cage, consciously releasing the shoulders, as you breathe deeply. Flatten the top of the head, by dipping your chin slightly and lengthening the back of the neck.

  • Imagine that someone is pulling you up through the centre of the spine, through the torso, as if like a puppet on a string!

  • Release and relax the breathing, and set up a gentle pulsing motion. You are ready to bounce!

  • I suggest you vary rebounding workouts - for example spend a few minutes rebounding facing the stabilizing bar, then turn to the left, while you are rebounding, for a few minutes, turn back to the centre again for a few minutes, and then perform your bouncing routines facing towards the right.



The mini trampoline support bar fits onto two alternate rebounder legs with a clamp system, that screws onto each leg. Two sidebars fit into each of the lower inset portions of these clamps.



The upper portion of the bar, which is detachable, slides into the lower portion of the bar.


The central portion of the bar, which sits across the mat, is also detachable and it can be removed quickly if other members of the family prefer not to use it.


If you are going to use a support bar on your mini trampoline, for balance when rebounding, it is best to think about where you are going to place your rebounder in the house, so that you can set it up, with the bar attached.  Use it spontaneously and in planned mini trampoline rebounder workout sessions, without the need to attach the bar, or unscrew the legs of the rebounder, each time you are going to use it.


If you set the rebounder support bar too high, there will be a tendency to lean the upper body backwards, thus scrunching the shoulder blades. If the bar is too low, you will tend to lean forward, tensing the knees and quads in the front of your thighs.



To align the body correctly for rebounding routines you need to establish your posture with your feet parallel toes facing forward, knees soft, not locked out.



You set the height of the rebounder bar so that when your arms are relaxed to your sides... the height of the bar is aligned with your elbows.



To set the height of the support bar


With your arms relaxed at your sides, simply raise your forearms to form a right angle at the elbow, with your palms facing downward, and your forearms horizontal to the mat.


Setting the bar at this height will enable you to bounce comfortably, without any tension being locked into the upper shoulder area. The height of the bar is adjustable.


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