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Starbound provides the worlds best system of mini trampoline rebounding exercise in Starbound books and online streamling mini trampoline videos with Michele Wilburn international pioneer of rebounder exercise workouts, international coach for lifestyle fitness and wellbeing.

Look how the History of rebounding evolved leading to NASA Research encouraging mini trampoline exercise

Starbound Mini trampoline exercise shops provide international; shopping pages for the best mini trampoline and video and book workouts, best quality mini trampoline for Starbound mini mtrampoliner book and video workouts

"Michele Wilburn - Undisputed Queen of the Mini trampoline"  ~ Daily Telegraph UK



For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of the biomechanical stimuli is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, a finding that might help identify acceleration parameters needed for the design of remedial procedures to avert de-conditioning in persons exposed to weightlessness,"


NASA research studies for mini trampolines


    You Have Fun Exercising on a Mini trampoline  Gravity does the Work!


     Gravity works in your favour with rebounding exercise workouts.


    NASA research encouraged rebounding exercise on mini trampolines from the late 1970's promoting rebounding as the most 'efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.'


                                  In the late 1970's a team of  NASA scientists were hard at Work!


Mini trampoline Rebounding Evolutions & NASA research


 NASA SCIENTISTS carried out extensive research into rebounding exercise, seeking the best method to prevent astronauts from speedily deconditioning  in space! They were A team of pioneering doctors and journalists, including world famous trampolinist Dr  Albert Carter,  and lymphologist  Dr Samuel West, set about educating the masses.

NASA Studies concluded that Rebounding on a mini trampoline enabled you to make the most of the additional G-Force values, combining the additional forces of acceleration and deceleration in the vertical plane, without shock or stress impact loading on your body. This was in effect like lining up 3 power horses at once. 


News of the NASA scientists studies leaked out. As word got around people jumped on the bandwagon and began to bounce on mini trampolines. Meanwhile  astronauts began bouncing off the walls of their space craft! Their cells responded favourably and defied Gravity at all odds!


It was over thirty-five years ago, on a trip back to visit my parents in  New Zealand, and a few years after those first  NASA  revelations that  I discovered my first mini trampoline  rebounder - in fact an anti-static, 'mean mini trampoline machine'  the  NZ RH48 lymphaciser rebounder, designed by a brilliant manufacturer by the name of Ged Alward. It was in the home of a friend I visited in New Zealand. She was using the lymphaciser for just that - a certified lymphologist sahe taught me to use the lymphatic reflex zone health bounce.


I was so excited as I bounced. I was immediately hooked - but quickly realized as a fitness professional that the world needed more instruction. I realised people were not structuring programmes correctly - not mobilizing, warming up, stretching out. I discovered the power of the mini trampoline as a home gym. The soft mat cushioned knees and back when sculpting. The knees are protected as you kneel on the mat. The rim provides a bar for support. It really is yours to play with!


One of those EUREKA moments in life!  Little did I know that this little ring of metal with a springy mat was going to become such an important tool in my career as a fitness lifestyle and wellbeing coach. Living in London, UK at the time working as a fitness, exercise, and lifestyle coach I'd been lucky to instruct at some of the most prestigious studios in the world. But bouncing was definitely not on anyone's agenda at the time! Now it's all the rage!



So what did the NASA research into rebounding exercise reveal?



The NASA Astronaut Study into the use of Mini trampolines for exercise was motivated mainly by the fact that since man had been exploring space, astronauts had been faced with the effect of zero gravity, weakening their bones and tissues, through lack of stress upon their body cells. For this reason NASA scientists carried out the first-ever research into using a trampoline, with evidence surfacing to suggest that rebounding provides superior exercise.

In the past twenty years nearly every commercial company selling rebounders or a mini trampoline rebounding concept refers to the NASA research and reports on rebounding exercise.  The concept of rebounding on mini trampolines was consequently introduced as 'rebounding exercise' around forty years ago, citing NASA research as revealing that mini trampoline exercise provided ' the most efficient and effective form of exercise ever devised.

Mini trampoline or Treadmill

Four scientists, A, Bhattacharya, E. p, McCutcheon, E. Shvariz, and J, E. Greenleaf, secured the assistance of eight men between the ages of 19 and 26 to each walk, jog, and run on a treadmill. Operated at four speeds, they then jumped on a standard sized trampoline at four different heights to compare the difference between the two modes of exercise. The trampoline testing was conducted at least a week after the treadmill testing. 


You can read more here.


By the mid 80's my personal destiny was set!  From my base in London in the UK for a few years I researched and worked closely with the most amazing practitioners and pioneers on the planet,  not only in the fields of fitness but in many arenas of wellbeing and lifestyle.

I returned to New Zealand to sit on the beach with a thermal typewriter - nobody had computers in those days!   Starbound, my mini trampoline workout system was born!

Five Star Fitness with a bounce!  Rebounder exercise workout plans using mini trampolines as a central focus of support for transformation in numerous healthy lifestyle, wellbeing and fitness goals. 

An exclusive system of mini trampoline exercise based on  Starbound sequential skills, essential for safe performance and posture. I returned to London and published my work, before embarking on a number of world tours. They were exciting days -in the 80s and 90s,  and definitely filled with bounce! I  became one of the earliest pioneers to  present actual  mini trampoline exercise workouts and lifestyle plans. 





Rebounding exercise recharges your energy levels, strengthen all body cells, muscles, organs and body processes.  Albert Einstein said:  " Life is like riding a bicycle - To Keep your balance, you must KEEP MOVING!"



Leaping and rebounding is a natural act tapped by the young in their play, forming an important part of recreation and physical education. From early childhood, babies bounce before they walk, with bouncing an instinctive element of spontaneous and organized play.   

It's easier to bounce on a mini trampoline than a bed! Our real history of rebounding began bouncing as babies on parent's knees  and for most of us - the side of the cot. Long before the invention of the mini trampoline rebounder, bouncing has always been a natural act!  


  • As far back as the middle ages, travelling acrobats specialized in plank leaping, jumping over a variety of objects, including each other.

  • Eskimos stretched walrus skins between stakes on the ice, rebounding zealously off and upon them.

  • Inspired by trapeze artists who end their acts dropping into a net George Nissen set about designing the first trampoline around 1936

  • Throughout World War  Two the American Armed Forces adopted rebounders equipment to aid in the development of aerial orientation, co-ordination and motor skills.


In 1936, when George Nissen invented the trampoline he considered it as a tool for gymnasts. George was 86 years old when the sport of trampolining was finally and officially recognized at the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.


The first mini’ trampoline was created by Ed Russell in 1938 and finally patented in 1975 by Victor Green.


Between 1981 and 1984 rebounding exercise became very popular in the USA. Over one million rebounders sold a year, until the fad faded by 1985. It was in 1987 that I was introduced to a lymphaciser rebounder in New Zealand and began to develop my Starbound workouts in the UK and Europe.



1938 - The first "MINI trampoline" DESIGNED by Ed Russell; he left his ideas and prototype with Victor Green.

1975 - The mini trampoline was patented by Victor Green. leading by the end of the year to five American companies manufacturing rebounders

1977 - Albert E Carter published "Rebound to Better Health" and then later in the year Carter publishes his first full-size book, "The Miracles of Rebound Exercise". Several studies give scientific validation to Carter's claim that rebounding was the most efficient and effective form of exercise ever devised by man

Dr Samuel West enlightened the western world in regards to healting, the importance of lymphatic circulation, cellular metabolism, plasma proteins,among mnay other concepts that helped an understanding of the lymphatic fluid systems in relation to rebounding


1978 - Carter and Dr. Harry Sneider  worked together - Schneider developed "Aerobic Resistive Rebounding" using 1-3 pound sand bags while rebounding for greater strength. Sneider and his family introduce rebounding to Jack LaLanne and many other athletes and celebrities.


1981 - Dr Kenneth Cooper's Institute of Aerobic Research finds rebounding gets 25% more strength gains than jogging.

By the end of 1981 The Rebounding Craze turned into a fad with over 100 US firms competing for the rebound exercise market. Al Carter's National Institute of Rebounding and Health sold research literature to the manufacturers. Such intense competition began to reduce both rebounder price and the quality.

  • 1982 - An estimated $72 billion dollars spent on rebounders - most of them inferior quality.

  • 1983 - Nearly 2 million rebounder units sold before the fad fizzled out in America.

1984 - Al Carter was invited to Hong Kong to work with city engineers to design the first folding rebounder. The half fold rebounder thus created prevents a city wide strike by the police and firemen who required a form of exercise that they could do during their shifts. After the Fad Faded... Meanwhile back in the states enthusiasm for rebounding is as broken down as all the cheap, poorly made rebounders. Rebounding goes underground. But endorsements from experts and celebrities keep a candle of awareness burning


1986 - Michele Wilburn began documenting the Starbound system of rebounding and lifestyle plans introducing plans in NZ, Australia, UK and Europe  - Tony Robbins endorses rebounding in his book, "Unlimited Power". Leslie Kenton, internationally acclaimed author provided numerous testimonies to the power of rebounding.

Needak began to manufacture quality non-fold and half-fold rebounders in Nebraska.

1987 - Harvey and Marilyn Diamond endorsed rebounding in their "Fit for Life" books.

1988 - Al Carter published the "NEW Miracles of Rebound Exercise".

1989 - Dr. Morton Walker publishes "Jumping for Health".

1991 - Linda Brooks studies with Al Carter to become a certified reboundologist. Sylvia Ortiz produces another video, "Rebound Aerobics for Kids" starring Al Carter's son Darren and friends.

  • 1992 - The first Starbound book, written by Michele Wilburn, was  published in London UK.
    - Holly Anderson produced her first video, "AirObics".

  • 1993 - Needak introduces fat, muscle-shaped rebounder springs and produces the first "soft bounce" rebounders. Soft bounce units have since revolutionized the rebounding industry as they provide a much more enjoyable and low impact bounce.

  • 1995 - Linda Brooks published her book, "Rebounding to Better Health".

  • 1996 - Life Source International, headed by renown lymphologist, Judy Taylor, begins to manufacture rectangular shaped Lympholines in southern California. The Lympholine rebounder with its second set of "suspension style" legs was a quantum step forward in bouncing experience.

  • Four more videos debut: Dave Hall - "Rebound to Health"  Carol Brophy - "Carol's Health Bounce"  Holly Anderson - "airObics phase II"
    Linda Brooks - "Bounce Before You Jump"

  • 1999 - Dave Hall started the Center for Cellular Health and created his half-fold model

  • JB Berns published his book, "Urban Rebounding".

  • The New Millenium... 2000 - The "Urban Rebounding" video by JB Berns was produced. Berns, a martial arts instructor, developed a style of rebound exercise influenced by Asian theories of wellness.
    "Keep on Rebounding" video starring both Holly Anderson and Darren Carter is produced by ReboundAIR.

  • JB Berns produces more Urban Rebounding videos - Michele Wilburn first introduced The Starbound Workout videos and  - presenting on UK television and presenting worskhop seminar and courses at the Centre for Transformation in London UK.

  • 2003 - Five Urban Rebounding instructors including JB Berns produce 20 new VHS videos; several of the videos are also made in DVD format. Urban Rebounding has effectively doubled the number of rebounding videos.

Use best quality rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise mini trampoline workouts with DVD videos and Starbound mini trampoline books - bounce safely and with style. My Starbound programmes introduced sequential rebounding exercise skills alongside mini trampoline resolution plans - how to use you mini trampoline to help achieve health, fitness and lifestyle goals!


Holistic Mini Trampoline Fitness


NASA had been considering using trampoline exercise to help counteract astronauts’ loss of bone mass and weakness caused by space flight. They wanted to find the best form of exercise that could be used to train their astronauts in space.


Treadmills have long been used for health and fitness research. But trampolines had never been researched before. This study was conducted by the Biomechanical Research Division, NASA-Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, with the Wenner-Gren Research Laboratory of the University of Kentucky, Lexington.

NASA scientists compared measurements on 8 young men performing running on a treadmill, as well as jumping on a trampoline.

They tested their: Pulse – before and after exercising as well as Oxygen intake during exercise. They also measured the G-Forces at the ankles, lower back and forehead.

The NASA Scientists Discovered Trampoline Exercise Was 2-4 Times More Efficient Than Treadmill Running!

What this means is that when you jump on the very forgiving surface of a properly constructed trampoline, your entire body shares the G-force impact.  This is the critical and unique benefit of rebounding, that the NASA study confirmed; When you rebound, the up and down movements to the cushioning surface, the forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity are lined up in one plane of movement, all at the same time.  This is quite a contrast from running- where your feet, ankles, and legs bear most of the force and fatigue.

In the NASA study, the G-force on the ankles was more than twice than on the back and forehead. NASA also found that the rate of oxygen consumption was twice as efficient as treadmill running!

This is a very good thing because every cell of your entire body gets quality exercise stress to build strength - without trauma to any one part of the body.

The  intense, pounding trauma of running can cause injuries to the feet, legs, knees, hips and back- and this is ELIMINATED with rebounding.


Their study revealed that bouncing on a trampoline was an extraordinarily efficient form of exercise- significantly better than running, to counteract some of the negative effects of space travel on astronauts.


Their findings also helped us understand why rebounding is an outstanding exercise for the elderly and even some handicapped people: low impact, efficient, safe and great for building cellular strength.

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    The Starbound Workout mini trampoline exercises on video and in my rebounder exercise book provide numerous mini trampoline rebounding exercise formats. I have developed Starbound as a complete system of mini trampoline exercises, over the past thirty years, to provide the worlds first fully comprehensive rebounding programmes for health, healing, and fitness.


    The exercise workouts I have developed are presented in my Starbound book and Starbound Workout mini trampoline videos
    NASA scientists research results confirmed the power and fitness benefits released by bouncing on trampolines - great news for astronauts! Rebounding exercise with NASA research on rebounding mini trampoline exercise workouts using rebounder exercise for strength and fitness.


    NASA research encouraged rebounding exercise from the late 1970's promoting rebounding as the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.


    NASA carried out the first ever research into using a mini trampoline, to conclude that rebounding exercises provide a more effective and efficient form of exercise than jogging.

STARBOUND SHOP {for Mini Trampoline Exercise}


Whatever your age, fitness level, and goals, I design Starbound mini trampoline workouts to help you reap numerous benefits of rebounding exercises for health and fitness. It's easy. You learn to bounce safely and with style. You look and feel better!


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