Fantastic offers for the worlds best minitrampoline rebounders and mini trampoline exercises in Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVDs, mini trampoline video compilation, and best-seller Starbound Book of rebounding exercises and mini trampoline lifestyle plans. - Save $ with Starbound rebounding exercise Needak rebounder packs;  save with Starbounds UK trimilin rebounder mini trampolines - get the best rebounding exercise workouts in the world with Starbounds mini trampoline videos, DVDs and rebounding exercises in the Starbound book

Rebounding exercise videos with Starbound Workout mini trampoline exercise DVD


Safe & versatile mini trampoline exercise DVD with rebounding exercise  routines for the best rebounding workouts at home!

Best quality mini trampolines, rebounders for mini trampoline workouts DVD rebounding exercise videos at home for the best rebounding workouts




Best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise video workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe




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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.



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Rebounding exercises are presented in the Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts within a well balanced rebounding exercise and lifestyle programme



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best mini trampoline rebounders are known as RH48 lymphaciser rebounders. Thee are suiitable for all ages and levels of fitness

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Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts on The Sarbound Workout DVD


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The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise mini trampoline DVD volumes are filmed at the glorious Movenpick Resor and Sanctury Zara Spa in Jordan - a lovely ambience for your rebounding workouts at home.


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For longer workouts take time to warm and loosen your body thoroughly before the rebounding exercise becomes more intense









For a more detailed overview of Starbound Workout DVD for mini trampolines please review the pages in this section of my site


Whether a few minutes or an hour you can vary sessions to suit your schedule, and tailor mini trampoline workouts to meet your needs.

The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline rebounder exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller accompanied with Starbound mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts  The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video rebounder exercise workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Please Shop with Starbound in the country regions above for mini trampoline rebounders, rebounder exercise DVDs and books.




Contact Michele Wilburn for any queries about mini trampoline rebounding exercises using mini trampolines or to enquire about the Starbound Workout mini rampoline rebounder exercise DVDsThe Starbound mini trampoline exercise videos for rebounding workouts on DVD are available in different rebounding exercise DVD formats - PAL and NTSC for USA and Canada.


Volume One of The Starbound Workout - Five Star Fitness, is a compilation DVD of all rebounding exercise videos in the Starbound series. A two hour rebounding exercise workout DVD you are spoilt for choice with rebounding workouts for home.





Starbound Workout DVD Overview Zone 1 Foundations Zone 2 Warm Up Zone 3 Rebounding Zone 4 Sculpting Zone 5 Pure Spirit DVD menu DVD Menu Content



Starbound Workout  DVD  and mini trampoline rebounding exercise for mini trampoline rebounder exercises


  Best seller Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout DVDs and book packages.
bullet Volume One '5 Star Fitness' approximately 2 hours of rebounder DVD workouts to choose from. 
bullet This Volume of The Starbound Workout rebounder exercise DVD provides a lifetime of rebounding exercise workouts.


" Dear Michele I have received The Starbound Workout DVD... Thank you! I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate you on this excellent workout DVD.  The content is wonderful , a great overall workout with beautiful videography and a lovely sound track...


It is a superb mix of tranquillity and exhilaration... perfectly  balanced for a comprehensive mind, body and soul exercise program. I give it 5 Stars!


My mini trampoline was becoming a shoe rack until I received The Starbound DVD...  it excites and impels me. l look forward to working out with you 3 to 4 times a week. You are  a world-class instructor and a truly wonderful soul..."



Starbound rebounding exercises are practised in directories with Starbound mini trampoline workouts. The rebounder workouts on Starbound DVDs bring a holisitc spirit to your rebounding workouts


Filmed in the beautiful Movenpick Resort and Sanctuary Zara Spa at the Dead Sea in Jordan - bringing a beautiful ambience for your  rebounding mini trampoline workouts on DVD at home.




With a 5 STAR approach to rebounding exercise workouts, rebounding exercise workouts in the DVD  gradually progress in complexity, from gentle foundation skills to challenging choreography.



Posture Stance

Purely Pulsing (Gentle rebounding)

The Health Bounce (Gentle rebounding)


You tailor sessions to suit your schedule and vary workouts to meet your mood Improve total health fitness - at an ideal tempo for fat-burning without stressing your joints! Within the Starbound Workout rebounding exercise workout DVD there's plenty of scope for everyone to get rebounding safely at home.



Rebounding exercise workouts are presented within five Starbound zones. Rebounding workouts can be performed either on their own or combined - to get a really well balanced rebounding exercise fitness programme. Containing all rebounder exercise workouts using the mini trampoline in Modules 1, 2 and 3, from beginners to advanced rebounding.


You have the bonus of all of the rebounding exercise workouts and skill directories in this Volume, plus three great rebounder exercise sculpting routines to get you into great shape! 



The Starbound Workout Mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD provides nearly 2 hours of mini trampoline exercise workouts.


This is the only DVD compilation of The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD Volumes that provides the full range of routines, including the Health Bounce for Lymphatic rebounding, the full Warm Up three Sculpting sequences, a deep stretch and relaxation. 


Starbounds unique system of mini trampoline rebounding exercises in workouts, from gentle lymphatic rebounding to complex choreographed rebounding exercise workouts in my DVD and book, help you use your mini trampoline rebounder at home for maximum results!



Index links for content of Starbounds rebounder DVD workouts


Video Inspirations

DVD menu

DVD Menu Content

Starbound Workout - DVD Overview


Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


Zone 1 Foundations

Zone 2 Warm Up

Zone 3 Rebounding

Zone 4 Sculpting

Zone 5 Pure Spirit


An international best seller mini trampoline DVD for rebounder workouts - numerous rebounding workout combinations suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD  compilation, is sequentially designed so from the very first time on a mini trampoline rebounder, everyone can enjoy safe rebounding exercise practise, developing rebounder exercise workouts.


Starbound mini trampoline rebounding workouts are specially choreographed to encourage maximum excess weight loss with minimum effort and keep you in great shape while you enjoy your rebounding exercise mini trampoline workouts!



In Volume One The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding DVD you have numerous rebounding exercise workouts, including rebounder workout skill directories, designed to get you in top shape.


Starbound Workout rebounding DVD routines can be performed in any combination, for as little as two minutes at a time, or for up to two hours.


Starbound rebounding exercise DVDS for use with mini trampolines express a holistic spirit, with precise instruction.  Enjoy the benefit of my private instruction in the privacy of your home - for a few minutes, or for an extended workout of up to 2 hours.



I have designed these mini trampoline rebounding video so you can vary rebounding exercise video workouts to suit your schedule, and work at a comfortable personal pace on your mini trampoline.


DVD Menu Content for Mini Trampoline workouts


Mini trampolines are used by participants of all ages and fitness levels, with an equally wide range of skills and goals. Whatever your level of rebounding exercise skills and fitness, it's important to develop rebounding progressively.


The Starbound Workout DVD of rebounding exercise workouts presents Starbounds unique system of rebounding exercise, with sequential mini trampoline rebounder exercise skill development. Create different rebounding aerobics workout on mini trampolines each time - rebounding for health and fitness.


The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video compilations provide plenty of scope for rebounding exercise practise, and with a wide variety of workouts, within three Modules, with rebounding exercises for beginners, to intermediates and advanced, you'll stay inspired and rebound yourself into great shape!



Rebounding exercises in Volume One of the Starbound Workout DVD from Beginners to Advanced, are presented within 3 Modules, interspersed with rebounding exercise workouts using the mini trampoline for warm ups, stretching and rebounding aerobics.


Three sculpting sequences in the DVD are performed on and around the mini trampoline.


Starbound workout rebounder DVD workouts for Beginners to

Rebounding Workouts using mini trampolines. Starbound Level one rebounding exercises and sculpting for those new to rebounders and just resuming fitness including a gentle Warm Up Mobility and Sculpting Sequence for strengthening and streamlining, followed by a variety of Foundation rebounding exercise routines and also the Essential Stretch routine.


Starbound Sequential Skills Directories for mini trampoline workouts


Starbound rebounding exercise mini trampoline Skills, Beginners Level One, Intermediates rebounding exercises , Level 2 and Advanced Level 3.


A great way to practise rebounding exercise skills, and all you may need to get rebounding safely, and with confidence at home.


Starbound Sequential Skills Directories provide a great rebounding aerobic workout for skill development and aerobic fitness, enabling you to develop your skills progressively and safely.



JUST BOUNCE' Mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts


All of the rebounding exercise skill directories are featured in this mini trampoline exercise DVD, as well as all of the rebounding exercise choreographed routines in The Starbound Workout - FROM BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED

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Starbounds mini trampoline video and rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

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