Fantastic offers for the worlds best minitrampoline rebounders and mini trampoline exercises in Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVDs, mini trampoline video compilation, and best-seller Starbound Book of rebounding exercises and mini trampoline lifestyle plans. - Save $ with Starbound rebounding exercise Needak rebounder packs;  save £ with Starbounds UK trimilin rebounder mini trampolines - get the best rebounding exercise workouts in the world with Starbounds mini trampoline videos, DVDs and rebounding exercises in the Starbound book

Bounce targets - mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts for rebounding exercises in Starbound mini trampoline rebounding exercise workout DVD


Rebounding exercise workout DVD provides rebounding exercise workouts for fat burning, with intervals sculpting and rebounding workouts combined

Starbound mini trampoline exercise DVD Rebounding exercise videos at home for the best rebounding workouts





Best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise video workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe




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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.

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The Starbound Workout DVD Overview

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Zone 5 Pure Spirit


Mini trampoline DVD workouts help you use rebounders for a few minutes or an hour to achieve your goals

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Rebounding exercises are presented in the Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts within a well balanced rebounding exercise and lifestyle programme


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Deep strech and relacation following bounce target zones rebounding on the rebounder



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Starbound Workout

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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder DVD workouts are shot in the glorious Movenpick resort nd Sactuary Zara Spa



The Starbound Workout Mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD's - available within Four Volumes in Pal format and Volume One for USA


Starbound DVD and video rebounding exercise workouts provide choreographed rebounder exercises


Available in Pal and NTSC  format2 Hours of mini trampoline rebounding workouts

with sequential rebounder exercise skill directories.


Produced and presented by Michele Wilburn


The Starbound Workout mini trampoline DVD provides rebounding workouts from beginners to advanced
Volume One DVD: The Starbound Workout '5 Star Fitness DVD for rebounding exercise workouts using mini trampoline rebounders.


If you lack confidence use a support bat for stability when rebounding


Rebounder mini trampoline workouts on the Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVD provide a variety of low impact, aerobic rebounding exercises with workouts, from beginners to advanced.


The Starbound system of rebounding exercises provides aerobics, as presented in mini trampoline DVD workouts, and the Starbound Book of mini trampoline exercises.


You get a great selection of progressive development for rebounding exercise workout skills.

Beginners rebounder workouts include basic foundation rebounder skills

You progress with rebounder exercises on your mini trampoline rebounder, at your own pace for your own purpose, enjoying the thrill of the movement

Arm copmbinations add variety to your rebounder workouts


Arms and legs act as levers, which determine complexity and intensity of effort when rebounding on mini trampolines.

The longer the lever (arms and legs), and the more levers involved, the more skill and effort is required to perform rebounding exercise sequences.


Rebounding workout beginners skills take place with the feet low to the mat

To keep rebounding exercise workouts simple throughout The Starbound Workout mini trampoline video and DVD workouts using the rebounder, and to perform rebounding exercises at a lower intensity, use shorter arm and low leg moves.

Always jump turns during rebounding workouts to avoid stree on your knees

Or leave arms out altogether, keep hands on hips until youíre confident with your feet on the rebounder.

 It takes a while to feel confident with your balance - to begin it is easier to keep hands on hips when rebounding on mini trampolines, until you get confident with your feet, and the various foot patterns we practise during the mini trampoline DVDs.

Use a variety of home exercise fitness equipment during your rebounding workouts





Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at homeThe Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts 

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Contact Michele Wilburn for any queries about rebounding exercises using mini trampolinesOne of the aims of Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs  is to provide the opportunity for rebounding within your Bounce Target Zones.


Rebounding exercise using quality mini trampoline rebounders, enhances the ability of your lungs to absorb more oxygen, and your heart to pump blood more effectively - oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your muscles to produce energy.


Mini trampoline rebounding exercises, practised in rebounding exercise workout target zones relates directly to the ability of your body to use oxygen to fuel your rebounding exercises.






DVD Inspirations Video & DVD menuDVD Menu Content The Starbound Workout DVD Overview Zone 1 Foundations Zone 2 Warm Up Zone 3 Rebounding Zone 4 Sculpting Zone 5 Pure Spirit


GET TOTALLY TONED WITH STARBOUND mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD


This Months Special Offer  Best seller Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout DVDs and book packages DVD PURCHASE LINKS


Purchase Starbound DVD and books from these linksUSA DVD UK DVDAustralia DVDNew Zealand DVD EuropeRest of World


Choose quality mini trampoline rebounders to protect and nourish your body




Developing rebounder workouts rebounding with The Starbound Workout Mini Trampoline DVD


Rebounding patterns in Workout Module One (8 minutes) the fun really begins on your rebounder, blending Level 1 skills into simple patterns.

Itís important to feel comfortable with these rebounding skills before progressing further.

  • In themselves they provide a solid foundation for the more complex choreographed patterns in Modules 2 & 3

  • Starbound rebounding skills are named on screen to provide a reference for instruction. When learning new rebounding skills on your mini trampoline, remind yourself to keep hands on hips while you settle your feet.



The Starbound Workout 5 Star Fitness provides a sequential approach to developing rebounding exercises  using mini trampolines.


Foundation skills include rebounding exercises for pulsing rebounding workouts on the trampoline


We move onto level 1* skills, each of which is presented with Level 2 and 3*** extended rebounding techniques as the DVD progresses.


You have a sequential skills directory at the beginning of each workout which can be used as a rebounding warm up


As rebounding exercise skills improve you can improvise on the mini trampoline when using the DVD workouts, and substitute Level 2** & 3*** rebounding workout skills.




When you have mastered the essential foundation skills of mini trampoline rebounding workouts on your mini-trampoline you'll be ready to move on.


At the beginning of Module Two (15 minutes of rebounding exercises in routines, followed by a sculpting barre workout sequence) and Module Three (17 minutes of bouncing routines followed by a sculpting routine for arms, legs and buttocks),




The beauty of mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts on DVD is that you can enjoy rebounder exercise workouts at your own pace, and adapt Starbound skills and patterns to a level that best feels comfortable for you.


In The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise mini trampoline exercise video and DVD volumes, rebounder workout sequences provide graded rebounding exercise workout skills, which are


Named on screen

Classified in levels of complexity

Presented in groups


Many people practise gentle mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts for weeks, and even months, before attempting more complex routines. You may feel ready to integrate more advanced skills immediately.


Sequential rebounder exercise skill directories help expand your range of Starbound mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout skills. For example instead of a Level 1 Rhythm Walk, perform Level 2 Knee Lift






Three rebounding exercise skills directories are presented throughout the Starbound Workout rebounding aerobics DVD video workouts to help you become familiar with correct rebounding exercise workout techniques and skills.


Level 1 * Foundation rebounding exercise Skills

Level 2 ** Intermediate mini trampoline Skills

Level 3 *** Advanced rebounder exercise progressions


Within each group of Starbound rebounding aerobics skills, rebounding skills lead on from a Level 1*Foundation base,  with advanced progressions challenging skills such as speed, agility, balance and reaction time


In time, youíll become familiar with each group of skills, and find the level that best suits you when rebounding with the mini trampoline workout routines on DVD.


Youíll find you can adapt all rebounding routines in the DVD video to a comfortable level for practise. With this in mind, all participants can enjoy choreographed rebounding exercise workouts throughout the video - whatever your age and whatever your rebounding skills


CHOREOGRAPHED rebounding Exercise PATTERNS in mini trampoline DVD Workouts


In Modules Two and Three of The Starbound Workout mini trampoline video and DVDs, Rebounding exercise workout routines are choreographed to music


With Starbounds choreographed mini trampoline rebounding DVD rebounding workout sequences, most changes of pattern occur between verse and chorus.


To encourage progress with your rebounding exercise workouts each verse & chorus leads on from a level 1*Star foundation pattern.

  • Find your level when rebounding with the rebounding exercise DVD

  • Youíll soon become familiar with the rebounding patterns, and find you are able to improvise, substituting more complicated Level 2* & 3*Star patterns, with Level 1*Star rebounding exercise foundation skills if you need to.

  • By improvising in this way, all rebounder exercise aerobic sequences can be enjoyed by everyone.

  •  Youíll be surprised how quickly you progress with your rebounding exercise workouts. Even by watching the rebounding exercises on the video and DVD, the patterns become imprinted in your mind.



The more you watch and use the mini trampoline rebounding exercise DVD, the more you will become familiar with mini trampoline exercise workout routines, acquainted with the music, and relaxed with your feet! You'll quickly be rebounding to greater heights!


Choose quality mini trampoline rebounders to protect and nourish your body


Rebounding exercise workouts in my mini trampoline DVDs develop aerobic fitness


For steady development of aerobic fitness with mini trampoline exercise, and to strengthen the functioning of your heart and lungs, you need to perform rebounder exercise workouts within your aerobic target zones.



Between 60-75% of your maximum heart rate


For between 8 and 60 minutes


At least every second day


When you are bouncing - for the same amount of oxygen, your body performs a lot more work, even though it seems like a lot less effort.


You are advised to work at the lower end of your target heart rate


REBOUNDING exercises on mini trampolines BENEFIT your whole body


Numerous benefits to health and fitness swing in to play as you progress with rebounding exercise sessions using mini trampoline rebounders



Your circulation speeds up with more oxygen absorbed when rebounding on mini trampolines



Your chest wall becomes more flexible with rebounding, deepening breathing



Rebounding exercises causes a faster rate of exchange of gases from your lungs


As fitness improves with rebounding exercise the heart performs more work for less effort. Blood capillaries multiply, carrying more oxygen and nutrients to your cells when working out on a mini trampoline


Red blood cells multiply to carry additional supplies of oxygen around your body even with just a few minutes of rebounding exercise



Raised blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels lower with rebounding exercise as a part of your daily workout schedule



Blood thins, with less chance of clotting, thanks to rebounding exercises



Blood stasis, (the pooling of blood in your legs and abdomen) is relieved dramatically with rebounding exercise


Youíll note increased resilience to stress & a better balance in blood pressure when using a mini trampoline daily. If you suffer with palpitations they are likely to diminish when rebounding on a mini trampoline daily


The immune system is strengthened with regular rebounding exercise. A healthy lymphatic system helps you resist viral infections and foreign invaders


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Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Join Michele Wilburn in the summer for 'Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreats'  Mini trampoline rebounding exercises are included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 


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