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Exercising  on rebounders a few minutes a few times daily is best when starting with mini trampolines. Read tips for getting started with rebounding exercise workouts



Always check your rebounder is stable and secure before beginning  rebounding exercise workouts using mini trampolines

The worlds best quality mini trampolines, lymphaciser rebounders, Original rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med rebounders New Zealand, Australia, USA and UK and mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise videos, DVDS, mini trampoline rebounding exercise coaching and courses




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Top quality mini trampoline rebounders also known as rainbow lymphaciser rebounders - the TH48 pro PLus and the R36 med Plus rainbow lymphacisers provide a stable surface tension for mini trampoline workouts


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Best Quality Trimilin Rebounders for Mini Trampoline workouts in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and Starbound mini trampoline workouts in USA Needak rebounder packages.



If you have any queries about your mini trampoline workouts or choosing the best rebounder for your workouts please email any time.


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Get Started with Mini trampoline Rebounder exercise workouts

With rebounding exercise on a mini trampoline rebounder, there’s no need to dress for gym, as long as you are comfortable, in loose fitting garments, which enable you to move freely.



If rebounding briefly, simply remove your shoes, and practise any variety of routines gently.



For longer rebounding workouts or rebounding aerobics sessions on your mini trampoline rebounder you will need to allow for the fact that you will be moving around the mini trampoline, rebounding on the rebounder, in a variety of ways, - so dress practically and accordingly.





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getting started with mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts with STARBOUND mini trampoline DVD & BOOK

starbound mini trampoline rebounding exercise workout  videos on DVD  - getting started with beginners  reboudner exercise workout tips

always perform rebounding exercise WORKOUTs AT A COMFORTABLE PACE AND Finish all REBOUNDING WORKOUT sessions, as though you could easily have done more

Europe mini trampoline books & rebounding DVDS

Rest of World: Starbound mini trampoline books & DVDS


For the same amount of oxygen, your body, including your heart, is performing a lot more work, for what feels like less effort. In fact, many people assume, that because they are not sweating profoundly, or gasping for breath, that the workout can not be effective!


The opposite is the case. For this reason you must aim to bounce at a fairly low effort threshold. Pace yourself when starting with rebounding exercise workouts according to your level of fitness and ability.


Learn to use the 'TALK TEST' to assess how much effort you are putting into the rebounding exercises you are performing.



Setting Personal Pace during Rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines


It isn’t unusual to feel slight 'panic', when you first step up onto the mini trampoline to begin your rebounding workouts. If necessary use a rebounder support bar for balance during your mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts. Support bars provide confidence and hep you maintain perfect posture throughout your rebounding exercise workouts.





Getting started with Starbound rebounding exercise workout videos for beginners workouts using mini trampolines


Many skills are called into play with rebounding exercises on mini trampolines especially in regards to balance and co-ordination. Very often skills are required on the rebounder that you may not have used for some time. Balance is a skill that you lose if you dont lose. You will be surprised at how quickly your balance and confidence returns when you get started with rebounding exercise workouts.

  • Take it slowly when becoming familiar with the motion of rebounding exercise. Keep your feet low on the rebounder mat at all times with rebounding exercises performed close to the mat..

  • Take time to re-orientate at the beginning of your rebounding exercise workouts .

  • Explore the working surface of the rebounder mat, relaxing tensions in and around the shoulders with gentle rebounding exercise mobility workout routines, as you begin to find your feet.   

should you go for Bare Feet or wear Shoes for rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines?



starboundbook of rebounding exercise lifestyle and wellness plans for health fitness and beauty


Rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampoline rebounders is ideally performed in bare feet, on a quality rebounder.


Shoes may be appropriate on tighter, less yielding mini trampolines. It really is a matter of personal comfort and choice.



Rebounding on a mini trampoline without training shoes provides a subtle massaging effect for the feet, ensuring better foot control, balance, and numerous other benefits.



Rebounding on mini trampoline rebounders in bare feet also activates the nerve reflexes in your feet, stimulating a variety of health benefits.



If you suffer with tight calves, training shoes may help in the beginning with rebounding exercise on mini trampolines.



Shoes help in this way during rebounding exercise workouts by lessening the degree of depression of your heel into the mat, especially when you are rebounding on the mini trampoline, into the downward phase of the bounce.


Purchase NZ RH48 Original Rainbow lymphaciser rebounders -  best quality mini trampoline rebounders in Australia and New Zealand with Starbound mini trampoline workout books and videos


Symptoms you may experience when beginning  mini trampoline rebounder workouts


Over the first few days, when beginning sessions on the mini trampoline, you may notice some changes occurring with your body.

  • Minor headaches, sniffly noses, discharges, changes in bowel habits, and skin irritations, may temporarily occur.

  • These are often signs that your body is throwing off toxins and wastes while entering a healing state.

  • Keep rebounding gently through this phase, while your body adjusts.

  • You’ll be delighted as your senses of sight, sound and smell are switched back on!




1.     Before each mini trampoline rebounder workout session, please check that your mini trampoline rebounder legs are tight and secure


2.   Place the mini trampoline rebounder on a completely flat surface


3.   Keep the surrounding floor around the mini trampoline rebounder clear of objects


4.   Have water at hand to sip throughout your mini trampoline rebounder workouts


5.   Wear comfortable clothing for your mini trampoline rebounding workouts - preferably bare feet


6.   Never perform rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline rebounder mat that is torn or frayed, or if springs are broken or missing


7.  Children exercising on  mini trampolines should be well supervised.




Many women find they are more comfortable when rebounding in a sports bra, or support top.


The majority feel more comfortable wearing a sports bra, which holds the breasts firm to the chest. It is a matter of personal choice.


For a recommended international Supplier



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0800 36 38 40

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+44 207 960 4747
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Selaine Recommends..."For smaller ladies (A/B) who want squashing down rather than much shape I would recommend either the Dans-ez Minimal Bounce (which come up incredibly small so normally ladies order a size larger than normal) or Berlei B506; for a C/D/DD the Champion Action Shape. 


Above that, it is really going to be a more shaped bra to give the support needed, and I would recommend the Enell."


Rebounding exercises are presented within a well balanced rebounding programmeFor more in-depth information, getting started with rebounding exercise workouts - especially Starbound mini trampoline rebounder exercise workouts on DVD, I suggest you read ‘Preparing for Action’ from Page 26, in Starbound my book MINI TRAMPOLINE REBOUNDER WORKOUTS




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