Fantastic offers for the worlds best minitrampoline rebounders and mini trampoline exercises in Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVDs, mini trampoline video compilation, and best-seller Starbound Book of rebounding exercises and mini trampoline lifestyle plans. - Save $ with Starbound rebounding exercise Needak rebounder packs;  save with Starbounds UK trimilin rebounder mini trampolines - get the best rebounding exercise workouts in the world with Starbounds mini trampoline videos, DVDs and rebounding exercises in the Starbound book

Product specifications for Starbounds quality rebounder mini trampolines

Quality rebounders feed the body with kinetic energy, revitalizing your well-being during mini trampoline workouts

We provide the worlds best quality mini trampolines, best quality trimilin rebounders. Quality trimilin mini trampolines Original trimilin rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med lymphaciser  rebounders medical rebounders. Quality trimilin rebounders are now in New Zealand and Australia. The best quality rebounders  for Starbound mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise DVDS

Buy best mini trampoline rebounders, Starbound mini trampoline books, rebounder exercise videos, coaching and courses


Best quality trimilin mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercise workouts are now available with quality trimilin rebounders in new zealand and australia - the best rebounders in the UK and Europe


Books, DVDs videos

Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.

Quality Rebounders


This Months New Zealand RH48 Lymphaciser Rebounder Special Offer FREE Starbound Workout DVD and Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts with all orders



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The Starbound workout mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts on DVD

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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.


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Rebounding exercises are presented in the Starbound book of mini trampoline workouts within a well balanced rebounding exercise and lifestyle programme


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Starbounds special offers for Australian delivery include my mini trampoline package of rebounding exercises in The Starbound Workout rebounding video and Starbound book of mini trampoline exercises


Starbounds  mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts include a variety of exercise routines in 5 zones for a well balanced workout


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 Mini trampoline rebounders eliminate stress impact on the body






The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts The Star of David design of the New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders offers impeccable rebounding exercises for top quality mini trampoline workoutsStarbound best quality rebounder mini trampolines for mini trampoline workouts  rebounding exercise for UK trimilin rebounders NZ and Australian trimilin rainbow REH48 lymphaciser rebounder USA Needak rebounders    Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Mini Trampoline Rebounder Exercise WORKOUTS ONLINE, DVD AND VIDEOS

Starbound international best seller mini trampoline books for fitness and holistic lifestyle resolution plans for transformation



"Undisputed Queen of the Mini Trampoline" 

 ~ Daily Telegraph UK


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Buy a quality mini trampoline rebounder to reap the beenfits of mini trampoline exercise




Individual mini trampoline rebounders outlined in Starbounds shopping pages contain full descriptions of the best mini trampolines I can recommend. To view full product features for the best mini trampolines in each region please visit the country of your residence.

What to expect from different grades of Mini trampoline Rebounders  for rebounding exercise workouts


The mini trampoline rebounders, listed on my product pages, provide the best quality mini trampolines  relative to associated price points, and associated grading that I would rate them at, that I can personally recommend in the marketplace.


For a quick reference, TO BECOME MORE INFORMED WHEN YOU ARE MAKING YOUR CHOICE OF REBOUNDERS, you may find it helpful to use my 5 Star mini trampoline equipment guide to help classify the choice of mini trampolines available in the marketplace, and in the Starbound  Shop.


 Rebounding equipment

Classification Guide for

Mini Trampoline


 As you browse my mini trampoline equipment pages you will see that all mini trampolines are graded according to the classification guide outlined below. They provide indications only.

When testing mini trampolines for rebounding workout programmes I have developed a system of grading the quality of rebounding experience I believe you can expect to achieve, according to the rebounder that you are bouncing on. Hope it helps when you're considering rebounders for quality rebounding exercise."






Shop Products Index Choosing Rebounders Classification guide Quality mini trampolines Eliminating stress impact




      With a variety of mini trampolines at price points to suit a wide range of participants, Starbound Enterprise arranges delivery of best quality mini trampoline rebounders for Starbound rebounding exercises, worldwide. All mini trampolines feature a full range of component parts, including springs and mats 


The international rebounder mini trampolines in the Starbound Shopping pages vary.   The diameter of all of the best mini trampolines listed in Starbounds recommended rebounder range is 102cm, 40".


This is the ideal size for rebounding exercise workouts, enabling you room on the mat to perform a wide variety of rebounding exercise techniques and patterns. At this size on bungee cord rebounders the best bungee mini trampolines must have a mat that maintains a stable surface tension - essential when rebounding to maintain functional fitness performance.


If the mini trampoline mat is any larger your foot strike, and the way your body responds is compromised when the sway of the mat depresses unevenly. The height from the floor of  mini trampoline rebounder equipment, including leg and frame height, is approximately 24 - 26 cm, 8"


The carrying weight of rebounder units varies slightly - between 8kg  - 12kg, which equals the weight of a heavy bag of shopping!


All quality  mini trampoline rebounders I recommend either have legs that screw on or spring-loaded folding legs for easy storage.


ORIGINAL RH48 Pro and R36 rainbow lymphaciser rebounders


Purchase lymphaciser rebounders -  best quality mini trampoline rebounders in Australia and New Zealand with Starbound mini trampoline workout books and videos

For the UK, Australia and New Zealand rebounder ranges, the Original RH48 rainbow lymphaciser rebounder springs are designed to take a heavier weight, of up to 180kgs which are suitable for heavier weights over 110kgs. They are also popular in professional training gyms and for sports specific training.

They are not as suitable for young children who will instinctively bounce high and need a softer surface for depressing the mat.



Colours in stock of Original Mini trampoline rebounders vary in each country



6 Screw on legs, 48 deluxe springs

Suitable for body weights to 180kgs



6 Screw on legs, 36 deluxe springs

Suitable for body weights to 80 kgs - heavier weights are usually fine if purely pulsing


Why do you need a quality rebounder?

Choosing Rebounders

A Quality Mini trampoline

Eliminating stress impact



5 Star

Mini Trampoline Classification   

Supreme quality rebounders, finesse in terms of workmanship. 


Smooth refined rebounding bounce, with limited tension at the bottom of the rebounders mat when you rebounding into the bottom of the mini trampoline mat


Strong large/ super large, deluxe mini trampoline rebounder springs with quality steel and design; inner hand-welded cleat configuration for attachment of springs to the rebounder frame.


Thick washable textile material/backed rebounder padded spring cover.


White or black  Carpet protective mini trampoline floor caps at the base of the rebounders leg

Triple re-inforcement binding at edge of mini trampoline mat to spring cleats.

All if the rebounders component parts should be fully available.

Life-long longevity of the rebounder frame

Bare feet is best when rebounding!!!

No training shoes required when rebounding on quality mini trampolines

 Optional folding legs on five star mini trampoline rebounders provides instant accessibility

Top grade mini trampoline mat material with triple reinforced webbing around the edge of the rebounder mat to prevent tearing where the springs attach.


USA rebounders

Health Circulator Mini trampoline rebounders - currently being added to my Starbound range - the best mini trampoline hand made in the USA

View all Needak USA rebounders in Starbound Workout packages

New Zealand

View all New Zealand Lymphaciser rebounders


The New Zealand Body Energiser rebounders also available in Australia

  4 Star

Mini Trampoline Classification

Far more even tension at the bottom of the bounce.

Higher grade mini trampoline mat material. Padded inserts for cleat attachment into top of frame, prevent springs cutting through the rebounder frame steel.

Medium springs.

Screw on legs, with white, protective, carpet caps.

Thick textile padded spring covers. Component parts fully available.

No training shoes required. Bare feet is best!    

 3 Star

Mini Trampoline Classification

Medium quality and average size springs/ALTERNATIVE elasticated cable cord.         

Medium tension at the bottom of the bounce. Not yielding FULLY with body weight at bottom of the bounce.

Punched hole configuration for attachment of springs to frame.

 Medium grade mat fabric. Light spring cover padding. Screw-on legs.

Some component parts available.

Training shoes recommended but not essential.

This level of rebounder falls within the range of the 2 Star above, and essentially is equal in quality, but is usually more expensive, for very little additional bonus. I therefore do not recommend them over and above the two star unit above. 

 2 Star

Mini Trampoline Classification  

Tight rebounder mat tension.

Limited elasticity, a feeling of 'tension' coming through the body at the bottom of the bounce.

Small shiny springs inserted into holes punched into the top of the frame. 

I recommend this rebound trainer as a trial rebounder, if you are purchasing within this price range, until you can upgrade. It is the best value for price of this category of rebounder that I know of.


 Limited or no component parts available, but warranty  or replacement is ensured for one year.

  Black rubber carpet caps. Low grade mat fabric. 36, 38 and 40 inches in diameter.

 Thinly padded spring covers. Training shoes recommended, BUT NOT ESSENTIAL.


1 * Star

Mini Trampoline Classification

 I personally don't recommend or supply this grade of rebounders; often 36/38  inches in diameter, they are slightly small for safe Starbound rebounding workout sessions. They usually feature thinly padded spring covers, very limited mat elasticity, extremely tight tension, 'grabbing' at the bottom of the bounce when rebounding. Mini trampoline rebounders springs and mat fabric lose elasticity very quickly, and rebounder mats often tear after a few weeks of consistent rebounding, or alternatively can begin to sag in the middle. Small shiny springs on this grade of mini trampoline provide limited longevity and don't yield. No component mini trampoline rebounder parts are available. Holes are punched into the top of the frame for spring attachment to the frame. Training shoes ESSENTIAL.

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Mini trampolines UK

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Choosing Rebounders

A Quality mini trampoline


Australian ORIGINAL lymphacizer rebounder


These are the original  RH48 rebounder lymphacizers, and the R36 rainbow lymphaciser rebouders best quality in Australia Australian rebounders RH48 Lymphacizer rebounder packages R36 lymphaciser rebounder packages Australian rebounder FAQ's Australia rebounding videos, DVDs & books 


We deliver Original lymphacizer  rebounders in Australia. 

The original trimilin lymphacizer rebounders have black  mats, always with the rainbow webbing with 6 screw on legs - The actual covers vary depending on stock.


The R36 also have a rainbow webbing which is triple reinforced around the edge with superb workmanship and finesse.


New Zealand ORIGINAL lymphaciser rebounder

The New Zealand Original RH48 lymphacizer rebounders are the original RH48 rebounder lymphacizers are ideal for anyone weighing over 100kgs and up to 180kgs They are used in heavy gym environments, and in the home. They are suitable for pulsing gentle lymphatic workouts and also for more intensive aerobic cardio rebounding workouts.


New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders special offer rebounding DVD and book packages in $NZ


RH48Original  Gym Rebounder

RH48 Original  lymphaciser

36 Original lympaciser

Support Bar for Balance

Books & DVD rebounder DVDs Pal NZ

New Zealand rebounder FAQ's


The unique design of the lymphacizer rebounders including the mat and spring configuration was a patented design. Superb quality and workmanship.


The original trimilin New Zealand lymphacizer rebounders have black mats, with 6 screw on legs or folding legs. The actual covers vary from time to time. The R36 also has a rainbpow webbing and is triple reinforced around the edge with superb workmanship and finesse.  


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Europe DVDs & books

Rebounders Europe

IN EUROS including delivery


 Original trimilin lymphaciser rebounders are available for delivery throughout Europe and UK, Australia and NZ with blue or black mat fabrics and choice of colour covers as with the UK rebounders.





Rebounders for international delivery outside of countries listed

mini trampoline books, DVD & rebounder videos

World DVD and books

To purchase Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and Books for any countries outside those listed


We deliver all mini trampoline rebounders internationally. If you browse my pages and find a particular rebounder, displayed on a page outside your country of residence, please email me for a quote to include delivery to your door.



Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines


Mini trampoline Books rebounding DVD

Starbound rebounding exercise books & rebounding exercise DVD UK

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Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

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