mini trampoline rebounding workouts with Michele Wilburn. Introducing her Starbound videos and mini trampoline book of workout and lifestyle plans

POwerful forces are released with mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts  with astonishing effects for fitness wellbeing and lifestyle

"Michele Wilburn - Undisputed Queen of the Mini trampoline"  ~ Daily Telegraph UK

Mini trampoline Fit Kit accessories are always popular with clients in mini trampoline rebounder exercise cross-training and circuit workouts. As your mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts progress, you'll soon be ready for an extra challenge, which a variety of FIT KIT equipment provides. Develop your own home gym with my selection of home exercise FIT KIT equipment.

Home exercise Fit Kit Resistance weights

Kit out your home with FitKit exercise equipment to add variety to mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts

Wrist and ankle weights provide resistance during the sculpting phase of rebounder workouts and are useful to add during specific conditioning routines on the rebounder