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A daily "better back" exercise workout of just a few minutes at a time  for wellbeing



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Use Starbound exercise workouts on DVD for a well rounded mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout progamme

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 Michele Wilburn author producer  personalt rainer and transformation coach. Starbound provides the worlds best mini trampoline rebounding exercise workouts books and videos


Mini Trampoline Rebounder

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Even a few minutes a day on a mini trampoline works wonders! You have the fun! Gravity does the work! I teach you to bounce safely and with style!

Starbound Workout rebounder exercise workouts on DVD and in Starbound books are international best sellers. Choose Starbound sequential skill directories for perfect rebounder exercise skill development.



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Many of my clients use a mini trampoline during rehabilitation for a variety of back problems. As part of a gentle rehabilitation programme mini trampoline rebounding exercise using breathing techniques, mindful mobility routines and pulsing on the rebounder can be beneficial.

If you have suffered any nerve damage you shouldn't use a rebounder until everything has settled back into normality. Damaged nerves do not like to be stretched.

You must ease back into rebounding carefully and only after any treatment has been progressively successful.

Seek medical advise before using rebounders if you have had back problems and only use a quality rebounder with a stable mat tension and a soft bounce.




Damaged nerves do not like to be stretched and you will not be comfortable rebounding with nerve damage to the spine nor will you do your back any favours.


In a later stage of recovery gentle rebounding exercise on mini trampoline rebounders may be very helpful.


The stimulation of fluid around your vertebrae can help to ease calcification from between the vertebrae


.Cartilage is nourished more readily, and muscular tensions, which often cause pinched nerves and congestion can be eased and indeed released.


BACK CARE for better backs!

Back Care Supports

Care for a Better Back
Neck and back pain can seriously affect our lives.

No-one knows more about alleviating this all-too-common complaint than Sir Robin McKenzie OBE.

Currently used by leading physiotherapists worldwide, lumbar rolls are the result of 40 years of expertise in successfully treating neck and back problems.



Starbounds special offers for Australian delivery include my mini trampoline package of rebounding exercises in The Starbound Workout rebounding video and Starbound book of mini trampoline exercises

Quality rebounders


DVDs and books

In my shopping list you'll find back support and positioning aids to ensure you have the best equipment for managing back pain, posture and Pilates workouts. Most importantly is to undertake gentle daily exercise to stay mobile.


Problems with the back and neck are most common health hazard complaints.


Injuries and ailments can occur for all kinds of reasons. You must seek therapeutic help and undertake a guided exercise schedule.


 Choose a rebounder from my Starbound trimilin Vario rebounders - these are the best rebounders for anyone with back problems and joint problems in general.





McKenzie® Air Back Roll

This inflatable lumbar roll is easily portable and suitable for commuters, for use at restaurants, the cinema, travelling and sporting events. It provides a discreet means of lumbar support to help relieve back pain. It folds to about the size of a wallet, is easily inflatable and has varying degrees of firmness depending on the air pressure applied.

A discreet means of lumbar support which is ideal for travelling and any variety of activities. This Back support helps to maintain proper lumbar positions


4in McKenzie® Original LUMBAR Roll

The McKenzie® Original Lumbar Roll was the first ever lumbar support made in the world. It can prevent the onset of pain and reduce pressure in the discs when correctly positioned on a backrest at waist level against the lumbar spine.


It provides the simple way to maintain a correct posture and help with back pain relief.

The McKenzie® Original Lumbar Roll helps prevent the onset of pain and redress pressure in the discs of the lumbar spine.

Available in 4in and 5in thickness. Perfect for use in the home or office. The lumbar roll has an adjustable strap and a removable washable cover.


5in McKenzie® Original LUMBAR Roll

Product details as above - the 5 inch McKenzie lumbar roll is currently used by leading physiotherapists worldwide, lumbar rolls are the result of 40 years of expertise in successfully treating neck and back problems.




McKenzie® Super Roll

A superior lumbar support providing the ultimate in function and aesthetic value.

This roll is made of injected-moulded foam, which retains support for an almost indefinite period.
Its flatter, curved shape contours comfortably around the body to help relieve back pain. The Super Roll includes a velvet-soft Polartek velour cover, which complements contemporary office and other fabrics. It is easily removable and washable.


Includes an adjustable strap and removable cover
Ideal for use in the office or at home Made from injected-moulded foam
. The adjustable elastic strap keeps the lumbar roll in place on most chair backs


4 inch 11 degree Seat Wedge

This 4 inch seat wedge is an ideal treatment for lower back pain to reduce lumbar pain.


Made from high density foam for optimum comfort and longevity the wedge cushion has an 11 degree angle, which tilts the pelvis to ease muscle tension in the lumbar region.


It provides added support and when lower back pain is felt. In the car, it makes most car seats level rather than having an inline so the spine remains in its natural position. Mine lives in the car!


This seat wedge is ideal for use in the car or at a desk to reduce lower back pain from poor posture.


An ideal treatment for lower back and neck pain caused by poor posture and positioning.The Medi Pillow  is orthopaedically designed to support the neck and upper back muscles. It is made to individually mould and cradle the neck and ensure the spine is held in the correct alignment.


The Medipillow is manufactured from non-allergenic latex foam, 100% cotton, machine washable cover.  

Non-allergenic latex foam

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Care for a Better Back


It is essential to use a good quality rebounder when performing Starbound Wokouts. 


Mini trampolines must provide a cushioned but stable surface tension and most important that this is observed if you have had any back tension, joint problems or injury.

The common symptoms of Lower Back Pain


Restricted movement


If the Lower Back Pain is sudden, a severe stabbing pain may be felt, which might subside quickly or persist.


A more gradual onset of the symptoms of Lower Back Pain will start mildly, but may build up causing severe discomfort.




Many of the symptoms of Lower Back Pain are due to stiffness of the joints or muscle spasm of the muscles surrounding the spine.

What are the causes of Lower Back Pain?

A main cause of Lower Back Pain is any movement which places excessive stress or loading on the spine that can cause injury.

  • One of the most common causes of Lower Back Pain is from poor posture, which can be caused by being hunched over a PC or games console, driving position, wearing high heels and carrying heavy bags.

  • Poor posture puts the spine and pelvis in the wrong alignment, which causes the strain on the spinal joints and soft tissues related with Lower Back Pain.

  • Poor posture reduces the effectiveness of the multifidus muscle and so stability of the spine is often affected

  •  Lower Back Pain is also caused from overload, for example, lifting an object or a cumulative overload, like repeated asymmetrical lifting or pulling as with rowing.

Who does Lower Back Pain affect?

Lower Back Pain can affect everyone. 80% of the population will experience lower back pain during their lives. People with poor posture, such as those who work at desks for long periods of time, who drive long distances, wear high heels regularly, carry heavy bags or play on games consoles are more susceptible to Lower Back Pain.




Lower Back Pain in sport especially affects rowers (less for those who skull as the sport is more symmetrical), javelin throwers and high jumpers. Tennis players can experience Lower Back Pain, especially after a high intensity training session practicing service.

What are the treatments

for Lower Back Pain?

Treatment for Lower Back Pain mainly consists of paying attention to the cause of your Lower Back Pain better left in the hands of a specialist to diagnose.


Lumbar rolls, such as McKenzie lumbar rolls, can help to encourage correct posture while sitting and can be used in all kinds of situations.


Seat wedges and cushions also provide the same treatment for Lower Back Pain. Massage products and heat therapy can also help to relieve the symptoms of Lower Back Pain.


A back support, such as the Vulkan Back Support, will provide additional support and cushioning to the back for Lower Back Pain.

For acute Lower Back Pain, try a back support that offers sufficient support to limit the speed of movement and so minimise the amount of pain.


As the acuteness wears off, movement is necessary to help the healing process of Lower Back Pain, so a supportive brace is helpful, but try and make sure movement is not too restricted at this time.

You can also carry out mobilising exercises for stiff joints and nerve tissue to reduce muscle spasm and keep mobile.


If you experience sudden Lower Back Pain or have ongoing Lower Back Pain, you should seek medical advice from a healthcare professional.

Additional treatment tips for back pain prevention

Always warm up and cool down and stretch thoroughly before and after taking part in any physical or sporting activity in order to reduce the risk of injury.



  • Make sure your back is both strong and mobile, and work consistently at your rehab if your back has been injured 

  • Try to avoid long periods of sitting, bending and heavy lifting.



Inflammation in the small joints and ligaments in your spine is eased when gently pulsing on quality rebounders , encouraging mobility and restricting pain from settling in.

Damaged discs, often result from carrying unacceptable loads. Your discs, which consist of mainly protein and water, depend on the exchange of nutrients and oxygen, from surrounding tissue, to nourish them.

Even when gently pulsing on a quality mini trampoline, the weight of your body creates hydrostatic pressure, with muscular pressure and your body weight squeezing fluid from the disc.

Osmotic pressure sucks fluid into your discs, helping to create a balance of the pressures at work.

About eight out of ten people are expected to suffer with back pain sometime in their lives. I recommend always seeking the advice of your medical practitioner before commencing your rebounding programmes.

Vary your posture throughout the day and take regular breaks to reduce postural tension in the lower back

At your desk, check that your chair provides adequate support for your lower back. Consider using a lumbar roll. Make sure your feet don’t dangle – use a footrest if necessary.

When gardening, consider using long-handled tools to help take the strain off your back


When you are ready to resume rebounding workouts your focus wil be on breathing techniques and postural vibrational pulsing - nothing more. Integarte gentle mobliity techniques into very small workouts of no more than five minutes to begin. Always work very gently in your comfort zone - focus onbreathing techniques such as those outlined in my Starbound book - Breathaking Resolution Plan.



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