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We provide the worlds best quality mini trampolines, best quality trimilin rebounders. Quality trimilin mini trampolines Original trimilin rainbow RH48 Pro rebounders and R36 Med lymphaciser  rebounders medical rebounders. Quality trimilin rebounders are now in New Zealand and Australia. The best quality rebounders  for Starbound mini trampoline workouts in Starbound books and rebounding exercise DVDS





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Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.



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Adapt all rebound aerobics sequences to a comfortable level and personal pace.


Keep hands on hips when you are bouncing, until you feel really confident with your feet.



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Prices of Starbound books for rebounder exercises and lifestyle plans using a mini trampoline  and The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding video and DVD Volumes of rebounding exercise vary on each individual purchase page, from the links below, to include delivery to each country.


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Explore Rebounding workouts and mini trampoline lifestyle programmes, in Starbound books - rebounding for fitness, health rebounding, rebounding healing tips, and cosmetic benefits.


Starbound mini trampoline books provide rebounding exercise plans for health, fitness and cosmetic benefits.


Starbound Book


The Starbound Workout

A Whole New You

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Starbound Lifecycles

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Used together, the Starbound mini trampoline book and The Starbound Workout rebounding DVD or video provide an ideal combination for rebounding workouts.




Item code:111; STARBOUND Publishing Details Over 400 colour & black & white photos; 192 Pages; 29x23cm

Publishing Rights; Starbound Enterprise, Copyright © Michele Wilburn, Available in Soft Cover & Hard Cover


The STARBOUND BOOK - best-seller rebounding exercise books for mini trampoline workouts, are filled to overflowing with fitness, health & beauty lifestyle rebounder exercise workout plans and rebounding workouts  suitable for all styles of  rebounding exercise for health and fitness.




The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best sellerThe Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workoutsStarbound provides the best rebounder mini trampolines for rebounding exercise around the worldStarbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and videoStarbound Workout mini trampoline DVD'S for rebounder exercise are priced to include delivery in each country where displayed above.  The Starbound Workout provides my unique system of rebounding exercise, presented in The Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounding DVD volumes, and video compilation, with sequential development of mini trampoline rebounder exercise skills, in 5 Starbound zones for your health and fitness





Video Inspirations DVD menu DVD Menu Content

Starbound Workout DVD Overview Zone 1 Foundations Zone 2 Warm Up Zone 3 Rebounding Zone 4 Sculpting Zone 5 Pure Spirit


Menu Plans for The Starbound Workout DVD video


Best seller Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise workout DVDs and book packages

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Best Quality Original New Zealand lymphaciser rebounders are now available in Australia, and New Zealand, USA and UK



Use these links or scroll below for  DVD volume content of The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise workout DVD


Suggestions for using rebounding workouts in Volume One DVD by varying Menu rebounding exercise workout options


DVD Volume1 The Starbound Workout 'Five Star Fitness'


Use rebounding workout videos from my Volume one mini trampoline DVD for rebounding exercise workouts from beginners to advanced workouts on rebounders


With a wide variety of mini trampoline workouts from the DVD menu options  all mini trampoline workout videos in the Starbound Workout series are now compiled into one extensive 2 hour rebounding exercise DVD compilation with all sequences in The Starbound Workout series.



Volume One

 Starbound Workout mini trampoline rebounder exercise DVDs and books provide a complete package for rebounder workouts at home.

The Starbound Workout

5 Star Fitness


Available in all regions.

NTSC or PAL format

Running Time 2 hours approx.

Presented by Michele Wilburn

Stereo; Colour


With the full compilation of all routines, listed in The Starbound Workout DVD, as in the video, you benefit from the entire rebounding exercise workouts in the 5 Star Fitness series, from Beginners to advanced - presented within 3 Modules.


With the Starbound Workout DVD menu you are able to quickly move from one sequence to another, creating a different rebounding workout each time. You have options in the Menu to play individual routines or combined workouts





Full Contents 


Legal & Health Warnings and

General Introduction: The Starbound Workout

Rebounder exercise workouts within 5 Star zones


The Starbound Workout is available in 4 DVD Volumes to enable you yo choose the rebounder exercise workouts most suited to your needs.


Zone 1 Foundations

Zone 2 Warm Up

Zone 3 Rebounding

Zone 4 Sculpting

Zone 5 Pure Spirit





Always settle your posture on the mini trampoline, pulsing away tensions at the beginning of your workout with gentle rebounding routines.



Posture Stance

Purely Pulsing
The Health Bounce

(Lymphatic Reflex Stroking)

Exercises in my rebounder exercise DVD integrate Starbounds unique 3 Star system of rebounding exercise workout skills.



Rebounding exercises gradually progress in complexity, from gentle rebounding skills to challenging choreography.


Purely Pulsing’ rebounding DVD workout sequences provide gentle rebounding exercises to settle posture on the mini trampoline, release tensions, open circulation, and balance energy meridians (6 minutes)




Warm Up falls in 3 phases working on and around the mini trampoline - it also provides a gentle rebounding programme for daily maintenance



Starbound montage of rebounder exercise DVD workouts in Module One for warming up and mobility on and around the mini trampoline


Rebounding exercise performed on and around the mini trampoline is fun, kind to the joints, and renowned for recharging kinetic energy.


Mindfully Mobile
Pulse Raising
Essential Stretch



ZONE 3- Bounce TargetS rebounder workouts


Bounce Target Zone rebounding routines are

interspersed with sculpting on the mini trampoline.



& ZONE FOUR - Sculpting on AND around the rebounder



Rebounding and sculpting sequences within each module

can be performed on their own or combined.


Create different rebounding exercise workouts each day.




Beginners to rebounding exercise workout sklls

Purely Patterns

Bounce Level 1 Star rebounder exercise skills


Purely Patterns provides you with  Foundation Rebounding  Level 1* rebounder exercise workout skills - essential for establishing the correct moves throughout your rebounding workouts and for establishing correct posture in the variety of rebounding exercise skills.


These rebounding exercises focus on getting your posture and rebounding exercise technique established correctly and comfortably as you prepare for mini trampoline exercise skills to follow in the rebounding DVD.


In a small living area, mini trampolines provide a perfect platform from which to perform a number of REBOUNDING AEROBIC sculpting workouts to condition and develop muscular strength and endurance. Working out on the rebounder with intervals of rebounding plus conditioning is the most effective way to structure your workouts and encourage weight loss.




Lift & Shape

Sculpting - performed standing using the rebounder as a barre.


DVD Module One for Beginner provides a beginners sculpting workout, with techniques from all three sculpting routines




MODULE TWO  Intermediates rebounding exercise skills





Sequential rebounding exercise skills Directory - Bounce Level 1 & 2** rebounding skills also provides an optional pulse raising for warm up


Lost Treasures Video Rebounding DVD bouncing routine choreographed to music


Lady Liberty Video Rebounding DVD workout choreographed to music



Zone 3.2 Sequential skills directory


Level 1 & 2 star rebounding skills (optional pulse raising warm up)

Lost Treasures

Rebounding routine, choreographed to music


Lady Liberty

Rebounding routine, choreographed to music


Tums & Torsos

Sculpting - performed lying on the mat of the mini trampoline



Advanced rebounding exercise skills


MODULE THREE Sculpting Streamlined & Strong


Performing sculpting routines from the rebounding aerobics DVD, on and around the mat of the rebounder, you’ll find conditioning becomes far more comfortable and effective. 


The soft mat of the rebounder cushions the spine and knees.  Holding the rim of the mini trampoline helps you to stabilize posture and support body alignment.



Sequential Skills Directory Bounce Levels 1,2 & 3*** rebounding skills & optional pulse raising warm up


Funky Flying People Video Rebounding choreographed to music


Shine Video Rebounding routine, choreographed to music


Sequential Skills Directory

Levels 1,2 & 3 star rebounding skills (optional pulse raising warm up)

Funky Flying People

Rebounding routine, choreographed to music

Shine Rebounding routine, choreographed to music

Streamlined & Strong Sculpting performed on and around the mini trampoline mat





At the end of your rebounding workouts, choose between the deep stretch in Zone 5, or the standing  Essential Stretch in Zone 2.


Deep Stretch



Practise deep stretch in the rebounding exercise DVDs or video at any time during a workout on your mini trampoline, providing your body is warm and limber. Stretching is an important element in rebounder workouts, helping to settle lymphatic circulation, and lengthen muscles through full range of motion.

(9 minutes approx)


Performed on the bed of the mat, to release and relax, settle circulation and extend muscles into full range of motion.



Deep Relaxation


Performed lying on the floor with your legs raised onto the bed of the mini trampoline mat. During this sequence I guide you through a guided body relaxation - a great way to end each rebound aerobics session, or to calm the mind and prepare for meditation.


Shape Up and streamline your body choosing from Three rebounder exercise workout sculpting routines, from beginners to advanced.


Starbounds unique system of rebounder exercises, from gentle lymphatic rebounding to complex choreographed rebounder exercises, are designed to improve balance, co-ordination, and total fitness - at an ideal tempo for fat-burning without stressing your joints!

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The Starbound Workout

Rebounding for Beginners: Level One

Rebounding for Beginners


These rebounding exercise workout foundations provide essential foundations to get you rebounding safely and confidently at home. Using this DVD encourages ongoing progress with rebounder exercises at an individual pace, for all ages and fitness levels.


Starbounds system of rebounding skills is presented for beginners to rebounding exercise, providing sequential skill development, from basic posture on the rebounder and gentle pulsing, to include Level One Starbound Skills.

  • A Five Star rebounding Workout with foundation Level 1 Skills for rebounding exercises.

  • The Health Bounce includes lymphatic rebounding techniques.

  • With gentle music you concentrate on the rebounder exercise skill development and a variety of techniques exercising on the mini trampoline.

  • Beginners aerobic rebounding skills are followed by a Mini Starbound Sculpting Workout for strengthening, streamlining, and burning fat.

  • The Essential Stretch routine in this DVD introduces the main stretches you should always use when performing rebounder exercises, once your body is warm and limber.

  • A great combination of mini trampoline workouts enable a choice of rebounder exercises - before you know it you'll be ready to move on to the next DVD in the series.


Zone 1: Foundations

Posture Stance: 1 minute 20 Purely Pulsing:  6 minutes 35

The Health Bounce: 3 minutes 15


Zone 2: Warm Up

Mobility: 6 minutes

Pulse Raising: 6 minutes 36


Zone 3: Bounce Target Zones

Purely Patterns: Level 1 Starbound rebounding exercise Skills - 7 minutes 35


Zone Four: Sculpting

Beginners Mini Sculpting, for strength & shape,  performed on and around the rebounder for tums, bums, thighs and arms: 7 minutes


Zone Five: Pure Spirit

Essential Stretch: 5 minutes


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DVD Volume 3: Sequential Skills Directory

Running Time: 45 minutes approx:


Whatever your level of fitness, it's important to develop rebounding exercise skills progressively, with attention to correct foot strike, posture and arm moves.


The sequential Skills Directory actually provides a sequential rebounder exercise workout on your mini trampoline.


Posture Stance: Level 1: 1 minute 20


Purely Pulsing: Level 1 6 minutes 35


The Health Bounce: Level 1,2 & 3  - 3 minutes 15


Pulse Raising: Level 1 - 6 minutes 36


Purely Patterns: Level One skills  7 minutes 35


Skill Directory: Level Two skills -  5 minutes 20


Skill Directory: Level Three skills -  6 minutes 20


Essential Stretch: All levels. 5 minutes


Starbounds rebounding exercise skills directory provides a sound foundation upon which to perform rebounding exercise mini trampoline workouts at home.

  • You'll use DVD workout routines, for practise sessions, when you want to focus on developing rebounding skills, as well as get a great aerobic rebounding exercise workout.

  • Skills Directory Sequences in The Starbound Workout rebounding DVD & video compilations can be performed rebounding progressively, from beginning to end for an extensive mini trampoline rebounder workout, incorporating three modules from beginners to advanced, or you can dip in and practise for a few minutes at a time.


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Running Time:59.45minutes.

Contents: The Starbound Workout 'Just Bounce'

Total Time - 59.45

Use the exercise menu to select all rebounding exercise workouts or select one at a time.


The Starbound Workout menu option 'Just Bounce' includes all rebounding exercises from Modules 1, 2 & 3 - Beginners,intermediates & advanced. It provides a menu whereby you can play all as a sequential workout, or select a variety of combinations from the DVD.

Legal & Health Warnings
General Introduction:  The Starbound Workout
Zone 1.1 Posture Stance
Zone 1.2 Purely Pulsing
Zone 1.3 The Rhythm Bounce and Rhythm Walk
Zone 2.2 Pulse Raising

Zone 3.1 Purely Patterns
Bounce Level 1 rebounding skills directory for Beginners

and general Warm Up for a variety of rebounding exercise workouts

MODULE TWO Intermediates Rebounding exercise workout

Zone 3.2 Level 1 & 2 sequential skills directory

Zone 3.3 Lost Treasures Choreographed routine
Zone 3.4 Lady Liberty  Choreographed routine

MODULE THREE Advanced Rebounding exercise Workout

Zone 3.5 Level 1 , 2 & 3 Sequential Skills Directory

Zone 3.6 Funky Flying People  Choreographed routine

Zone 3.7 Shine Choreographed routine

Essential Stretch


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Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

Mini trampoline Books and rebounding DVD

Starbound rebounding exercise books & rebounding exercise DVD UK

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Books & DVD Pal; Europe

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Pal & NTSC DVD Country Guides



Use rebounder exercise workout plans in my Starbound book with Starbound Workout DVDs to reach you goals

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Rebounder Exercise FITKITS

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Flower Power Aromatherapy

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Better Backs

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Omni Massage Rollers



Choose quality mini trampoline rebounder from Starbounds shop for international delivery

Mini trampolines UK

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Choosing Rebounders

A Quality mini trampoline


Join Michele Wilburn for 'Energyia Holistic Fitness Holiday Retreats'  Mini trampoline rebounding exercises are included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 

What's going on in the UK with mini trampoline rebounder exercise? Check out Starbounds list of UK mini trampoline rbounder exercise classes and special offer UK rebounder mini trampolines in special offer packages with Starbound books of mini trampoline workouts and rebounder exercise workout DVD


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