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Exercising on a rebounder activates lymphatic circulation - mini trampolines act as a lymphatic pump! You have the fun rebounding - gravity does the work!

Use  The Starbound Woorkout mini trampoline DVD and Starbound Book of rebounder workout plans for exercise to keeping your immune system healthy





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What's going on in the UK with mini trampoline rebounder exercise? Check out Starbounds list of UK mini trampoline rbounder exercise classes and special offer UK rebounder mini trampolines in special offer packages with Starbound books of mini trampoline workouts and rebounder exercise workout DVDs


The Starbound Book of Mini trampoline exercises and lifestyle plans is an international best seller The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD and video volumes provide rebounding exercise for  beginners to advanced, within 3 rebounding workouts  Starbound provides the best rebounder mini trampolines for rebounding exercise around the world   Starbound Workout DVD and video workouts for mini trampolines are filmed on the Dead Sea in Jordan to bring a holistic Spirit to your workout at home

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Michele Wilburn author of Starbound rebounding exercises in book and videoMany of my clients use my Starbound rebounder exercise workout book, to integrate 'Lymphatic Reflex' techniques into their daily rebounding exercise workouts. You can integrate a variety of techniques into your rebounding aerobics workouts with Starbound programmes, you'll be tuning your cardiovascular system, strengthening and toning your muscles, cleansing your lymphatic system, and strengthening your immune system to increase your resistance to sickness and disease.


Explore the wonderful lymphatic system with this video. Rebounding exercise is considered one of the best forms of exercise to move the lymph through your body. Even gentle rebounding exercise using mini trampolines will activate the conditions required to move the lymph forward.





Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

This Months Special Offer Starbound Books and DVDs

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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

Rebounding on a mini trampoline offers one of the most powerful exercise systems to stimulate conditions that pump your lymph, and shunt it forward in it's flow.




Lymphatic vessels are activiated simultaneously through your whole body rebounding on mini trampolines in the verticle plane

Research suggests that when performing rebounding exercise on mini trampolines


The upward bounce against the downward pull of gravity closes millions of the one-way valves that regulate the flow of fluid.


Moving down again releases pressure in these valves.


The increased G-Force, experienced when you land and depress the rebounder mat encourages a healthy surge of fluid throughout your whole body.


As the pressure in your tissues changes, the flow of lymph is shunted on.

Your body thrives on the change in speed and direction with rebounding exercise that occurs twice with each bounce.

To create an increase in pressure, to stimulate circulation and move the lymph forward you depend on the following

  • Changes in gravitational pull, Muscular contractions

  • Respiratory pressure, with deep, full, breathing

  • Changes in atmospheric pressure

  • Activation of calf, thigh and abdominal muscles

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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

With rebounding exercise on mini trampolines you are using the forces of gravity, acceleration and deceleration to strengthen every cell in your body, without applying traumatic stress impact to your muscles, tissues and joints.

Your immune system, of which your lymphatic vessels are an important part, is the mother of all systems. If it is geared for immediate action when any invasion occurs it will function well and you have less risk of falling ill.


Wonderful lymphatic massage for your legs - rebounding and lymphatic massage go hand in hand - rebounding exercise encourages better circulation.

This busy network circulates soldier cells to fight infections, filter bacteria, and eliminate parasites and debris from your body. Rebounding is considered to be one of the best forms of exercise to activate the lymphatic system.

  • An estimated 90% of modern day illnesses and symptoms of poor health are lymph related.

  • Treatments are often best stimulated by the activation of lymph circulation. Many headaches, for example can be linked to poor lymphatic circulation.

  • There are over 300 lymph nodes in your neck, head and throat area - more than anywhere else in your body.

  • The function of these lymph nodes is mainly to drain toxins from your brain. If blockages in your lymph become stagnant, toxins are not able to drain efficiently.

  • If toxins move through your liver without being broken down, your body cells in general can become bathed in blood that is toxically charged.

Your liver is loaded with lymphatic vessels, which transport fats and proteins as well as carting off wastes. With rebounding exercise on a rebounder  you immediately activate the major elimination organs of the LUNGS, KIDNEYS, LIVER and SKIN.



Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

Rebounding exercises on mini trampolines acts as a powerful force to stimulate lymphatic circulation. To encourage optimum lymphatic circulation it is important to pulse gently at the beginning of all sessions, and equally as important to slow down and pulse at the end of your sessions.

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Bouncing on rebounders will help Detox, Cleanse & Nourish

  •  Without a doubt your lymph nodes are one of the most important stations of defence in your body.

  •  Your blood is taken on its journey, mainly by the pumping of your heart. But even though lymph flows for thousands of miles throughout your body, it has no such main pump.

  •  The flow of lymph is regulated by a series of valves, which depend on definite stimulants for activation. On a x-ray you see a string of pearls, with valves that open as the muscle belly is filled and compressed. You need an increase in pressure below the valve to open the leaf and shunt the lymph forward.


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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

Mini trampoline reBounDing Workouts Speed Detox!

Two types of Toxins influence your Health


  1. ENDO-TOXINS are released from within your body from cellular metabolism

  2. EXO-TOXINS are absorbed into your body from the outside world, food and fluids, drugs, breath, and pollution


You have more lymph vessels than blood in your body, although they flow in one direction only, from the smallest capillaries to the largest ducts.


Blood and lymph are interlaced throughout your body, merging to help each other, often running parallel routes, until they blend again, when lymph is tipped back into your bloodstream, via the large subclavian veins, behind your collarbone.


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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response


  • The more you pump blood and lymph around the liver, which is loaded with lymphatic vessels, the better it will operate.

  • Rebounding exercises on a mini trampoline stimulate lymphatic circulation in the liver to transport fats and proteins, as well as carting off numerous wastes.

  • Rebounding offers a natural laxative, decongesting your bowel, and stimulating the processes of digestion

  • Muscular reflexes are stimulated when exercising on a mini trampoline, which strengthen the muscles of your alimentary tract and the movement of your colon

Rebounding workouts speed digestion, transit time of your food and helps to regulate bowel motions. Metabolism is stimulated with rebound exercise, which helps deal with the speedy removal of toxins



Rebounding exercise activates stagnating blood and lymph circulation, to prevent toxins and bacteria from stockpiling


Exercise rebounders provide fantastic fitness equipment, easily accessible for all ages and stages of the lifecycle with great benefits for health



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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

rebounding reates a Pump for your Lymphatic system

Rebounding workouts provide exercises for the lymphatic system. For a number of reasons, exercise on a rebounder offers a perfect boost for your lymphatic circulation, and associated immune response.


Like an army in defence, your immune system constantly monitors your body for antigens, sending soldiers in to fight when they're discovered. You'll read more about the important role of your immune system in Starbound my book.


When rebounding, several conditions are activated simultaneously to provide a pump for your entire lymphatic system.



You depend on an increase in pressure below the valves of the lymphatic vessels, to open the leaf and shunt lymph forward.



Your liver has hundreds of duties to carry out - among them the breaking down and distribution of toxins.



If it becomes overwhelmed, which is the case for many in the toxic hotpot that has become our world, it simply stops dealing with all the toxins that come its way. 


Toxins are mainly broken down and distributed for disposal by your skin, bowels, kidneys, lungs and liver. Your liver swings into overload if it gets bombarded, and liver cells themselves begin to die off, adding to the toxic load.


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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response


Your Whole Body Benefits With Daily rebounding exercise! Your lymphatics have many roles to play when rebounding


Lymph naturally flows very slowly, with about 4 fluid ounces moving every hour. When you are inactive between one-fifth and two-fifth of a teaspoon of fluid is drained each minute, as opposed to up to four teaspoons when you are rebounding.



Along lymph pathways, beadlike nodes are found, which vary in size, from a pinpoint to a cherry. They act as deprogramming stations for your cancerous cells, prevent viruses from invading further, and filter debris from your circulation.


Read more about the connection of rebound exercise to your lymphatic system, and the associated immune response in Starbound my book, (P16/20)


Fat, for the most part, isn't initially transported to your bloodstream, but absorbed through the intestinal wall into lymphatic vessels known as lacteals.

Fat is picked up in the form of droplets, or as free fatty acids and glycerols, to be transported through your lymphatics before entering your bloodstream.

When rebounding  on a mini trampoline the normal rate of flow may increase by 3 to 14 times.

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Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

Rebounding exercise on Mini trampoline rebounders offers a Great Way to Recharge your Metabolism and to Boost all Body Systems

Your METABOLISM consists of all chemical processes that take place in your body, including the building up of new tissues and the breaking down and disposal of old ones.

Metabolism is a continuous process whereby every chemical change either uses or releases energy.

The key for activating your metabolism lies in shunting wastes through your blood and lymph to be eliminated. 

Ideally, longer rebounding exercise sessions will be followed by a deep stretch to help settle circulation. To read more about these vital forces that influence your health so powerfully refer to Starbound my book.

Rebounding activates the lymphatic system and encourages a healthy immune response

Rebounding through a Healing Crises

When you first start out with your rebounding exercise sessions you ENTER A PHASE OF  literally rebounding your body back into balance. Toxic residues will be released, manifesting completely different symptoms for everyone.


Expect emotional and psychological reactions to surface as the physical debris shifts. People often comment that when they begin rebounding on a mini trampoline they experience tingling skin.


This is often a sign that blockages in fluid and energy are moving, electrical switches are being turned back on and cleansing is taking place.


Initially you may feel worse while you are getting better.


Rebounding through detoxification with gentle pulsing sequences from The Starbound Workout will keep your oxygen supplies running high, and activate elimination organs to dispel toxins that are surfacing from within the body.


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Starbounds mini trampoline  rebounding exercise DVDS and rebounding book provide a complete series of workouts for home exercise on mini trampolines

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Rebounding exercises are presented within a well balanced rebounding programmeStarbound, my book of rebounder exercises, and The Starbound Workout rebounding exercise DVD video, are designed to enable you to adapt rebounding workouts to suit your personal level and goals.

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Mini trampoline rebounding exercises are included in Energyia Holistic Holiday retreat exercise workout sessions. 




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